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The Recipe: Love Made Simple

by Dr. Rick Blum

     As it turns out, love is a choice. In this guide, you will learn precisely how to find the right person and how to get over the wrong one. Blum shares the easy-to-follow recipe, including simple steps to build the love of your life and to keep that relationship nourished forever.


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     Fact number one: All you need is love.
     Fact number two: It seems to be the most elusive condition to both find and keep.
     There is a reason for this, and it’s one of the saddest features of the human condition. Whether we’re searching for a mate or already in a long-term relationship, it’s the hardest to be our best selves when it matters the most!
     During his long and fruitful career counseling couples and singles, licensed psychologist Dr. Rick Blum has been determined to solve this puzzle. Research guided him during these decades, but more importantly, his clients taught him what worked and what didn’t. Gradually, The Recipe became crisp and golden. Blum’s unusually effective results allowed him to enjoy an overfull practice without having to join managed care panels. Grateful for this, he wants to share these discoveries with a wider audience.



Dr. Rick Blum

Dr. Rick BlumDr. Rick Blum is a licensed psychologist in the state of Connecticut. A graduate of Brandeis University, he earned advanced degrees at the University of Iowa, Syracuse University, and Saybrook Institute. He has distinguished himself in his private practice, earning a reputation for remarkable results that allowed him to be one of the few psychologists with a brimming schedule without entering any managed care panels. Blum was the director of the Change Agents Training Institute for 10 years, providing joint master’s degrees with Fairfield University, and later with Vermont College of Norwich University. He was also a field internship supervisor for Antioch/New England Graduate School. In addition, he set up the emergency performance program of the San Francisco Police Department, and consulted to the Power Authority of the State of New York, the GNA Supercuts franchise chain, and Homecraft Industries. His research has been published through Oak Ridge National Lab, Syracuse University, the American Nuclear Society, the Designed Change Institute, and the Peace Officer Standard and Training Commission of California.He is also a volunteer team member of Connecticut’s Disaster Behavioral Health Response Network.

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    Dr. Rick Blum has given couples a new recipe for building and maintaining their relationship — as well as an escape plan in case things don’t get healed. If you are working on your connection or thinking of getting hitched, this book is for you.
    -Barton Goldsmith, syndicated columnist; author of the Emotional Fitness book series, including The Happy Couple: How to Make Happiness a Habit One Little Loving Thing at a Time

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    Author Rick Blum hits the nail on the head with eye-opening relationship advice. This book shows how relationships need intentionality and self-honesty. Blum asks thought-provoking questions and elicits a deeper understanding about love and relationships in every chapter. He is very knowledgeable and precise. The Recipe is a must read.
    -Marcus and Ashley Kusi, authors of Communication in Marriage: How to Communicate with Your Spouse Without Fighting

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