Psalmsongs: A Gathering of Psalms

by Gaya Aranoff Bernstein

     Psalmsongs is a journey into the soulful meaning of the Book of Psalms, the language of which is beautiful, but complicated in the original Hebrew and often cumbersome in translation. This is especially true for someone facing difficult circumstances — precisely the time when one needs to read and hear the themes of Psalms in ways that are accessible and inspiring.


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     Psalmsongs are poetic interpretations of the 150 biblical psalms, made fresh and accessible to the modern reader. In them, G. A. Bernstein conveys the passion and timelessness of the psalmist’s ancient angst, faith, resilience, and joy.
     Enemies still plague us; hope still sustains us. One does not have to be religious to try to make some sense of it all. There is comfort to be found in knowing that our modern questions are ancient questions, and that our common humanity can lead us to seek answers from the Creator. 
     The hardcover version includes Bernstein’s 150 psalmsongs, as well as the original Hebrew text and English translations. Two useful indexes guide readers to the themes that will resonate with them in any situation.

Gaya Aranoff Bernstein

Gaya Aranoff BernsteinGaya Aranoff Bernstein is a physician/educator who has been on the faculty of Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, for more than 30 years. She lives and works in New York City. This is her first non-scientific publication.

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    Psalmsongs conveys the Book of Psalms in an altogether new way — not literally, but existentially, truthfully. G.A. Bernstein’s retellings make each of the psalms vibrant, fresh, and immediately accessible.
    -Rabbi Joseph Telushkin

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    The power of these verses is in their universal understanding of the human condition — a power that can move us back from the edge of despair, to a place where hope resides.
    -Jerome Groopman, MD

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    As stand-alone poetry, these psalmsongs are elegantly crafted, startlingly fresh, and consistently reflective of a wise and humble spirit. For the reader of the Book of Psalms in English, they represent something between a translation and a reactive commentary, challenging the reader to awaken from the lulling drone of traditional liturgical syntax and actually listen to the challenge and the comfort of the ancient biblical text. For the reader of SeferTehillim in Hebrew, Psalmsongs is an insightful, brilliant, and challenging companion, sending the reader back again and again to reread familiar lines, rendered suddenly fresh and dazzling.
    -Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt

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    Psalmsongs is a journey into the soulful meaning of the Book of Psalms, which itself speaks in the most beautiful terms, but at times can be complicated and cumbersome, especially for someone facing difficult circumstances. It is then, precisely then, that one needs to read and hear the very themes of Psalms in ways that are accessible and inspiring. This is the treasure of Psalmsongs. Blessed will be anyone, of any faith, or of no faith, who reads this extraordinary, poetic, soulful song of Psalms.
    -Rabbi Avraham Weiss

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    These are not only poems, they are prayers.
    -Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz

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