Jewish Wisdom on the Afterlife: The Mysteries, the Myths & the Meanings

by Dovber Pinson

     Drawing from ancient Jewish wisdom and modern understanding of consciousness, this book explores the possibility of surviving death, the near-death experience, and a possible glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that awaits, empowering people to live their day-to-day lives with these great spiritual truths.


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     In Jewish Wisdom on the Afterlife, world-renowned author, scholar, and spiritual teacher RavDovBer Pinson explores the Jewish understanding of life after death. What happens to us after we physically die? What is consciousness, and can it survive without a physical brain? What is a soul? Can we remember our past lives? Do near-death experiences prove the immortality of the soul?
     Rabbi Pinson presents a basic understanding of what it means to be mortal, and how an understanding of our immortality can serve us in the present and empower us to live life more meaningfully, today.

Dovber Pinson

Dovber PinsonRavDovBer Pinson is a world-renowned scholar, author, kabbalist, beloved spiritual teacher, and master of the revealed and hidden aspects of Torah.He is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities on authentic Kabbalah and Jewish spirituality.Through his books, lectures, and counsel, he has touched and inspired the lives of tens of thousands the world over. Rabbi Pinson is an internationally acclaimed speaker and has lectured in both scholarly and lay settings throughout the globe. He is the rosh yeshiva of the Iyyun Yeshiva and heads the Iyyun Center in Brooklyn, NY.


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