Follow the Yarn: The Knitting Wit & Wisdom of Ann Sokolowski

by Reba Linker

     Poignant and poetic, heartfelt and funny, Linker knits a neat story of life, learning, and love. Readers will eagerly follow her yarn, and gain greater understanding of the stitches they use to create the fabric of their own lives.


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     This book, started as a lighthearted collection of knitting notes, became, through a mysterious concatenation of events, a vehicle for the exercise of the author’s newfound voice.

Reba Linker

Reba LinkerAfter a career in dance and arts management, since 2008 Reba has focused on her own writing and visual arts. Throughout her career, there has been a steady movement toward deeper self-knowledge and more direct self-expression. Other books by Reba Linker include The Compost Heroes, about which folksinger Pete Seeger wrote: “If there is still a world here in 2011 it will be billions of little things that will save us. Thanks, Ms. Linker!” Reba has traveled widely as a storyteller, bringing children the message of caring for our planet. She lives with her family in New York City.

12 reviews for Follow the Yarn: The Knitting Wit & Wisdom of Ann Sokolowski

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    Follow the Yarn is a triple threat! First, it is a superb study guide for anyone who knits or ever wanted to knit; second, it is a deeply moving story of a mentor and her student; and finally, it is an inspiring tale of the author finding her voice as a writer. Reba’s clear, luminous style smoothly combines Ann Sokolowski’s encyclopedic knowledge of knitting with lively, humorous anecdotes. Follow the Yarn is a fitting tribute to a master teacher and a one-of kind-woman.
    Gail Straub, co-founder, Empowerment Institute; author, Returning to My Mother’s House: Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine

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    There is so much wisdom in this book. Follow the Yarn is about being mindful to what you hear, feel, and smell, and the surprises that arise when you commit to being awakened by life. Read to learn about knitting, and about your Self.
    Rabbi TZiPi Radonsky, coach; author, And: Building a World of Connection Through Jewish Mystical Wisdom

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    Follow the Yarn is not your typical knitting book. It is a heartfelt journey of empowerment and a loving testament to the generosity, wit, and wisdom of a gifted teacher. It is also chock full of knitting tips, techniques, and Ann Sokolowski’s standards of excellence. Each knitting lesson provides rich metaphors and life lessons: “Don’t leave loose ends,” “Know which mistakes to tear out and which ones to let lie.” The author shares the gifts of her teacher, Ann, and she also shares the gift of her heart, wide open. Instruction, inspiration, and love — all in one delightful package.
    -Marcy Nelson-Garrison, creator, CoachingToys and The PINK Paradigm

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    The story of how one person can inspire, teach, and empower others, while sitting at a table and making loops in string. The reader will find tips and tricks, stitch samplers, beginning and finishing methods and techniques, as well as a chronicle of relationships forged with fiber and sticks.
    -Becky Yoder, blogger, Sunnybrook Yarns

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    If you like reading autobiographies and enjoy knitting, you’ll enjoy this book. After reading it, I have more confidence to go out and just knit something, independent of a pattern. I’ll definitely be keeping this one on file, and coming back to it in the future.
    -Jane Galley, blogger, Loopy’s Place

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    It’s not just about knitting, it’s about the stitches that bind together the important parts of our lives.
    -Gene Krackehl, author, You Are the Healer

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    What started as a project to tell Ann’s story became a means to allow the author to work through some long-standing issues of her own. Sometimes painfully raw, you can see the hurt and the healing happening. By the end of the book, you have a sense that you know Ann, a gruff New Yorker with a heart of gold. Finally, there is a great sense of peace, and you just know that your knitting is going to get better.
    -Alison Manning, blogger, Tales From An Old Stone House

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    Poignant and poetic, heartfelt and funny, Linker knits a neat story of life, learning, and love. Readers will eagerly follow her yarn, and gain greater understanding of the stitches they use to create the fabric of their own lives.
    -Laurie Graff, author, You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs and The Shiksa Syndrome

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    Who would think that great wisdom could be passed on by teaching and learning knitting? Not for knitting lovers only, this is a how-to-knit book, yes, but more importantly a story of healing and inspiring wisdom. Reba Linker knits these two threads craftily, creating an easy, worthwhile read.
    -Marilyn Graman, co-founder, Lifeworks; co-author, There is No Prince, How to Be Cherished, and The Female Power Within

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    Your attachment to Ann says everything. This is Ann. The way you wrote it is exactly how we feel. Some people might be intimidated by Ann. She was not for everyone. She could be brutally honest, but I like that — it’s hard to get someone to be that honest in today’s world. And it’s not just me; all of us at the store felt the same way, all of us understood her.
    -Raymond Stambouli, manager, Smiley’s Yarns

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    Grace has been knitted into every little fabric of the book — how powerful it is. Thank you so much, Reba Linker, for your powerful share.
    -Sharon McWilliams, The Gift Life Coach, Wise WomanSoul

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    Simply brilliant! The yarn gives people a foundation, a building block on which to begin their story. What a gift you are sending out into the world!
    -Judy Ranieri, coach; creator, The Wisdom Box and The Notebook Project

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