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Curiosity and the Desire for Truth: The Spiritual Journey of a NASA Scientist

by Dr. Velvl Greene

     With unashamed candidness and indefatigable conviction, this compilation of private, yet inviting, and intimate, yet engaging musings invites us to participate in Prof. Greene’s search for higher meaning and deeper understanding of purpose.


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     From microbes to Martians, from Baton Rouge to Beersheva, Prof. Velvl Greene lived a life of discovery of family, science, and his heritage. Through quips, quotes, and free-streaming thoughts, this NASA scientist, public health expert, and director of the department of Jewish Medical Ethics at Ben-Gurion University reflects on his experiences and their impact on his own life’s journey. 

Dr. Velvl Greene

Dr. Velvl GreeneVelvl Greene was a consultant to the NASA space program; professor of public health and microbiology; chair of epidemiology and public health and professor emeritus at Ben-Gurion University; and director of the Lord Jacobovitz Center for Jewish Medical Ethics. Articles and interviews describe him as "affable,” “outgoing," and "entertaining," with eyes crinkled in a smile. He was also incisive, concise, logical, and passionate in his beliefs. There was no posturing or playacting for the sake of societal niceties. His faith wasn't based on blind acceptance, but rather a thorough investigation and weighing of the statistical and inherent facts. Greene was ever the epidemiologist and scientist. During a lifelong search for higher meaning and deeper understanding of purpose, he maintained an enduring correspondence with Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe.”

8 reviews for Curiosity and the Desire for Truth: The Spiritual Journey of a NASA Scientist

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    Dr. Velvl Greene, a wise and deeply humane scientist, tells us in this lively and engaging book about a remarkable spiritual quest following an encounter with one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the 20th century, the LubavitcherRebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. This is a book that will inspire and amuse at the same time — a wonderful read that will leave you feeling spiritually and intellectually refreshed.
    -Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Emeritus Chief Rabbi, United Hebrew Congregations of Britain and the Commonwealth

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    This is a fascinating story of a unique friendship between the scientist Professor Velvl Greene and Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, a student of science, of all Jewish learning, and of course the LubavitcheRebbe. You will learn much from this book. It will challenge, reassure, and move you.
    -Joseph Telushkin, author, Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson, the Most Influential Rabbi in Modern History

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    Dr. Velvl Greene’s memoir is an uplifting account of some very insightful interactions between a prominent scientist and the late LubavitcherRebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. Dr. Greene carves a Judaism that is intelligent, authentic, and self-reflective; and through joining the author on his journey, the reader is drawn into the post-apologetic era where faith and science can comfortably cohabit. A delightful and very personal contribution to Torah/science literature.
    -Rabbi Chaim Miller, author, Turning Judaism Outward: A Biography of the LubavitcherRebbe;compiler,Chumash, The Gutnick Edition.

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    From its preface to its epilogue, Curiosity and the Desire for Truth: The Spiritual Journey of a NASA Scientist is a masterful presentation of divine providence, science, and religion, and a unique philosophical approach to Judaism, including the author’s extensive interaction and experiences with the late LubavitcherRebbe. We are fortunate to have access to Dr. Greene’s invaluable lectures, articles, correspondence, and interviews, all in one volume.
    -Fred Rosner, MD, MACP, professor of medicine (emeritus), Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY

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    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review this wonderful book. I read it through several times and found it engaging, captivating, and entertaining each time. With a simplicity that belies its brilliance, it challenges the reader to follow in Professor Greene’s unrelenting quest for truth and for continuing spiritual growth. Those who knew Professor Greene will recognize his own unique voice on every page, with his typical zeal and respect, and his knack for pointing out the humorous ironies of the world — all of which come from his recognition that we are all but a tiny part in this huge wonder called creation, yet how fortunate we are to be able to make a profound difference.
    -Ben-TzionPape, educator, chaplain, and shaliach (emissary) of the LubavitcherRebbe, Little Rock, AR

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    These writings of Professor Velvl Greene reflect the career and beliefs of a remarkable man. They tell the story of a scientist who grew in faith and observance, and effortlessly united different worlds in a search for truths that are eternal. I had the pleasure of personally knowing Professor Greene, and this book brought back many memories.”
    -Michael H. Silber, MB, ChB, professor of neurology, dean, Mayo School of Health Sciences, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine

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    A fascinating and inspiring saga of a scientist’s search for meaning in life and of his courageous willingness to act on its discovery. An intimate and gripping glimpse into the soul of a Jew returning joyfully to his roots.
    -Shimon (Seymour) M. Glick, MD, professor (emeritus, active), Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

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    A splendid collection of wise and humane reflections on life and truth by a distinguished scientist and Torah-loving emissary of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Velvl Greene’s insights about Judaism and science, and his examples about how each can illuminate the other, are useful correctives to the common (and mistaken) belief that they are incompatible. Tales from his own improbable spiritual journey and his encounters with the Rebbe, and his account of the true miracle of birth, both warm the heart and inspire reverential awe regarding the possible presence of Providence in our lives.”
    -Leon R. Kass, MD, PhD, professor emeritus, The Committee on Social Thought, The University of Chicago

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